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Payload Decoder

Decode uplink payloads of your IoT platform in a human-readable and machine-interpretable format.

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Getting started

Select a sensor and the payload you want to decode. You can also try out one of the following examples:

  • Adeunis Dry Contacts: 0x1020900143140700020000
  • Bosch Parking Lot Sensor: 0x00FE
  • Cayenne LPP: 0x6701106700FF with Port 2
  • Elsys: 0x0100CD021E07005F
  • Elvaco CMi4160: 0x1E0403A00000000413FF000000022BFF00023BFF00025AA000025EA000ABCD0A010000FF00010F01FD17FF
  • EMZ SLX-1307: 0x43303A31353233
  • Gavazzi: 0x01200A000000000F000000
  • Gavazzi R56: 0x801122334411F400011122334401111122334411223344111122
  • Libelium Smart Parking v1: 0x00281515adef6b0ae300c5
  • PNI PlacePod Vehicle Detection: 0x156601
  • Senseair Explora CO2: 0x12A02300FF with Port 2
  • Sensoneo Single Sensor: 0xffff22b262d090700105050505701b0075
  • Tabs Healthy Home Sensor: 0xFFCA250A0A000F00 with Port 103
  • Teneo CO2 Stoplicht: 0x0F000001533B0753114D with Port 1
  • Ursalink AM100/AM102 series: 0x0367fc00046849

Our battle-tested payload parser libraries are available in multiple programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, Rust and Elixir.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in any of them.


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