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Adopt any sensor and focus on your core business. We take care of providing tested uplink sensor decoders for your IoT platform.

Many companies recognize great potential in the digital transformation of their processes and procedures. The Internet of Things allows one to collect data from “things” that were not possible until now. Novel transmission technologies such as LoRaWAN and NB-IoT enable data from different devices, meters, levels or even air parameters to be recorded inexpensively and continuously.

A major difference to existing wireless technologies is the extensive and energy-saving data transmission from LoRaWAN and NB-IoT. To ensure these properties, communication must rely on data packets that are as small as possible. So-called payloads have established themselves here, i.e. information packets in the form of hexadecimal strings. These hexadecimal strings are not easy to decipher by humans and must therefore be translated both into human-friendlier information, as well as into other machine-readable formats for further processing.

We have tackled the problem and developed a solution to offer an inexpensive way to decode sensor information. Since we are aware of the plethora of IoT platforms and programming languages, we offer ready-to-use scripts in multiple programming languages targeting several IoT platforms.

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For startups, established organizations, hardware manufacturers or municipal utilities. We are happy to support you adopting IoT technology.

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Building IoT solutions is challenging, especially if you want to execute in a faster than ever changing environment. Our technology helps you to focus on your core product, while we boost your productivity by unburdening you from recurring and work-intensive tasks.

You are great in manufacturing hardware, but struggle to provide and implement high quality and developer-friendly software in multiple languages, which is crucial for broad adoption of your hardware?
We are happy to support you.

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