Adeunis Field Test Device

Production-ready sensor payload decoder Adeunis Field Test Device

We are supporting the Adeunis Field Test Device and are currently supporting the most recent version V1.2.0 (LoRaWAN Europe, ARF8123AAB) according to the official specification.


The LoRaWAN Field Test Device from Adeunis-RF is a ready-to-use device, which makes it possible to communicate with all network operators using the LoRaWAN V1.0 protocol. The system makes it possible to transmit and receive radio frames and to instantly view the results. Equipped with a large LCD screen, you can view various information relating to how the network being used is functioning (Uplink, Downlink, SF, PER, etc.) in addition to information from sensors (GPS coordinates, temperature, battery level, etc.). This device is specifically adapted for application validation, such as communicating sensors, tracking, smart building, metering, security and M2M.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in integrating the Adeunis Field Test Device sensor in your IoT platform.

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